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Elm Class - Mrs L Smith - Year 3

Tymor y Hydref - Autumn 2018

Congratulations to our first pupils to earn a pen license for their fantastic effort in handwriting,

Nessy Winners of the Week

Well done for using this fantastic website, I get updates every Sunday telling me who has learned the most words, made the most progress and how many minutes pupils have spent on Nessy!

MyMaths Leaders

Well done to Zak, Lilly and Logan for completing their MyMaths homework tasks, I have added more or the next half term guys!

Parents, this website really does let you see how well your child is doing and what you can help them with at home. 

Pupils should leave Year 3 being able to tell the time so please practise this regularly, simply ask your child these questions.....

What time is it? What time will it be in 10 minutes? 1 hour?

How long until 2 o’clock?

Class 5 Year 3 Newsletter


Dear Parent/Guardian,

 Please find below a few handy bits of information for this term.


P.E. is every Tuesday and Thursday ( Gymnastics and Dance with Mrs Smith).  No jewellery should be worn during P.E. Pupils may bring a plaster in and they may put the plaster over any stud earrings should it be absolutely necessary for the stud to remain in the ear, however it would be be safer for the stud to be removed on these days. P.E. kit is black shorts and white t-shirts and daps. Please could P.E. kit stay in school  until the end of the half term so that there is less chance of pupils forgetting their kit. Thank you.


Many children do need a drink during the day. We do not have any spare cups in school other than painting cups and pupils may become ill if they choose to drink from these, therefore could you please provide your child with a water bottle they can bring to school every day.


Reading Books

Reading is crucial for everyday life, it is such a valuable life skill, therefore please could you read with your child every night. Your child should leave Year 3 on at least a Level 20.

 In school, your child will be heard to read in a group every week. During this session, your child will practise their reading skills such as reading unknown words correctly using a few different strategies such as sounding the word out and re-reading the sentence to have a good guess. They will also practise their comprehension skills.  In addition to this your child may be heard to read individually.

Reading Books will be sent home every day. The book will be changed when it has been read and checked by myself or Mrs Randall. If your child does not return a Reading book, we will not send a new one home.


Spellings will be taught in school. Spellings will not be sent home to be learnt.

Fruit and Snacks

We are promoting a healthy lifestyle, only fruit is allowed to be eaten at breaktime.


Homework is handed out every Friday. All pupils have been given a Homework Book which contains their passwords for home learning. By using thepasswords stuck into the front of these books they can practise their spelling, reading and maths skills using the following websites, all passwords are in the front of thei homework books so please take good care of them.

Giglets  , a reading website with tasks set for all pupils with a reading level of 20 plus.

Purple Mash , a website full of maths games, reading books and spelling games.

Nessy, a website that is excellent for reading and spelling.



Please visit the website to find out what we have been doing.

 Autumn 2018

We have just completed our topic ‘Food for Thought’. A chocolatier visited us to tell us all about how chocolate is made and the history of chocolate, we also made chocolate pizzas, such fun!

Just looking at these pictures are sure to make you hunger for chocolate.....

Our topic next half term is A Taste of Wales. These are the skills and topics your child will study next half term, Autumn 2018:-

Topic Work

A Taste of Wales is our topic, using this topic we will develop many cross curricular skills and also use skills we will learn in Literacy and Mathematics, such as persuasive writing and reading scales.

  • identify places and landmarks inWales on maps, we will use our Numeracy skills to calculate the distances between some of these well known places and we will learn how far away from us they are. 
  • Learn about the Millenium Stadium
  • Apply our maths skills when we learn about the Welsh rugby players
  • Make Welsh foods using our mat(s skills to weigh the ingredients
  • Learn about Henry VIII and his wives, writing letters to persuade him to marry one of the wives
  • Write a persuasive leaflet about Wales 
  • Make a ‘Wish you were Here’ programme about Wales
  • Use our maths skills to measure wood to make picture frames to frame our artwork
  • Write a report about dragons


The books we will read are ‘ The Hodgeheg’ and ,The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’. Am important target for many of the pupils is to learn to check their work to make sure capital letters and full stops are used correctly, many pupils are forgetting capital letters for names of people and places. We will be learning to read using context and picture cues to help as well as deducing information from the text. Spelling patterns will be taught every week and handwriting will be taught regularly.

All children should leave Year 3 being able to write using full stops and capital letters correctly. Their writing should also make sense and should contain the correct grammar e.g. ‘We were…’ not ‘We was…’Therefore these skills will be the focus of this term, pupils will be writing diaries, reports, poetry and letters.


We will be learning to read sales and co-ordinates. We will also learn to subtract and we will continue to learn our 3 times table facts so that we can work out sums such as 4x 30




We will be studying Welsh artists and styles of landscapes by Welsh artists.


We will be learning to ask and answer simple questions about ourselves.

R.E/Music and Personal and Social Education

Mrs Probert and Mrs Withers will be teaching these every Monday afternnoon and every Tuesday morning.The children will learn to develop strategies to help them to learn, they will also learn about different festivals and celebrations. Pupils will also develop their music skillss using Charanga music.

Physical Education

The children will learn to develop their skills by taking part in Welsh dancing , they will also develop t(emir dymnastic skills.


Pupils will also learn to develop their ICT skills using Google Chromebooks.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Mrs Smith