Attendance News - Autumn 2020

Attendance Over a Full Year

School Days Missed Over a Full Year



190 days

No lessons missed

Gold Standard

These pupils have the best chance of getting the top grades and jobs.

95 - 99%

181-188 days

2 to 9

school days missed

Green Standard

These pupils are more likely to gain the best grades in school and have the best employment chances.

92 – 95%

175 – 181 days

9 to15

school days missed

Amber Standard

It will be much harder for these pupils to keep up with work and gain the best grades at school.

Below 92%

175 days & under

Over 15 school days missed

Red Standard

These pupils are missing too much school.  This is likely to affect their grades.

 How good is attendance at Maesglas Primary School?

We are still falling short of the 95% target set by the Welsh Government. We will be working hard to exceed this in the coming year.


Fixed Penalty Notices

Newport City Council and the South East Wales Consortium have agreed a local code of conduct around fixed penalty notices and the first 7 notices have been issued.


How does non-attendance of pupils affect you and your family?

If your child is frequently missing school due to ill health we may refer your case to the School Health Nurse. It is common that parents who keep children off school for medical appointments will be asked to produce an appointment card as proof. Without this the attendance will be considered as unauthorised.

If you feel that you need help with getting your child to school, please contact the office. There are community workers available who can help with routines.

Any child failing to attend at 95% or above will be noted and tracked by the school. If this figure drops to below 90% your child’s attendance will be discussed with the Education Welfare Officer, and you may be asked to attend school to discuss the situation.

There is a clear link between low attendance and low attainment in school. Please help your children keep up with their friends by ensuring that they are in school as often as possible.

This term the Governing Body decided that no holidays will be authorised from January 2016.

This means that if you choose to go on holiday this will be counted as unauthorised absence. Please still inform us so we do not have to inform the Educational Welfare Officer.


We are here to do the best for your children – if they are not here we cannot do that! So let’s make this a great year for attendance at Maesglas Primary School.