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Breakfast Club

Maesglas Breakfast Club

All pupils are welcome to join our school breakfast club.

A form will need to be filled out, you can collect one from main reception. 
Our breakfast club opens daily from 8.00am - 8.30am. 

In breakfast club children will have a cup of orange juice, water or milk, 
cereal - a choice between weetabix, cornflakes and rice krispies.
The children then have a portion of fruit, followed by toast. 
Children do not have to consume all that is available to them of a morning. 
It is totally up to them what they would like to eat.
We also understand that some children do not like to have milk on their cereal, that is fine.

We expect good manners and politeness. 
Thank you 
Miss Vaughan - Breakfast Club Leader

Breakfast club