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Rose Class - Miss Murphy - Reception

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Reception and Year 1 Home Learning Template 2020

Welcome to Rose Class!
Croeso i Dosbarth Rose!
Tymor yr Haf - Summer Term 2020

Topic - 'Journeys'

Rose Class 2019

Please note that due to school closures, we are providing at home learning opportunities for your child. These are posted above each week and are also on Google Classroom. Your child can also go on 'Purple Mash' via www.purplemash.com/sch/maesglascp. If you have any issues with home learning or your child's logins, please contact school (you can also do this on Class Dojo). Take care and stay safe!

Visit our hashtag #rosemps on Maesglas Primary's Twitter page to see your children working hard and having fun! We would love to see your home learning - please share it with us! 

Croeso! Welcome to our Rose class information page.

Below is some information about our Reception class. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask a member of staff.

Meet the team!

Miss Murphy - Class Teacher

Miss Brown - Teaching Assistant

This term:

In our Topic we will exploring Space. We will be learning lots of exciting facts about the planets, space travel and beyond!

In Maths we will continue to sing lots of number songs and count forwards and backwards to at least 20. We will read, write and order numbers to at least 20. The children will have lots of opportunities to explore numbers and practise writing numbers. We will do lots of counting as well as simple addition and subtraction. Children will learn the ways of making 5, 6, 7 and 8 e.g. 4 + 1 = 5 and 2 + 3 = 5. We will learn how to record simple data e.g. by making a tally graph or pictogram. Children will revise the names of different 2D shapes and explore their properties. We will look at our daily routine and children will develop a sense of how long different tasks take. They will learn to recognise one more, one less and speak with confidence about which numbers are smaller/bigger. www.topmarks.com is a fantastic free website with lots of counting games to practise at home!

In Literacy we will be learning lots of exciting facts about space and write our own fact files about astronauts, the planets and beyond! We will read exciting stories about space such as Whatever Next, Aliens Love Underpants and Beegu! The children will continue to develop their knowledge of sounds as we do daily Read Write Inc. Children will learn each sound and then explore green words (which can be sounded out e.g. c-a-t) and red words (which have to be learnt e.g. like, here etc.) Children will learn to write simple sentences by finding high frequency words on a mat and sounding out words independently using 'Fred talk.' Children will continue to work hard practising their handwriting and letter formation. We know that some letters are giraffe letters (tall), some are tortoise letters (sit on the line) and some are monkey letters (they can go under the line!) We have worked so hard to learn how to write our names too! Children will continue to consolidate their oracy skills by lots of speaking and listening activities. We love retelling a story using 'Pie Corbett' actions!

P.E Lessons are on Thursdays. This term we have been learning a Welsh dance for 'Jac y Do.' Next we will be learning to play simple games and use equipment. Please can you make sure that all of the children's school clothes have their name in to help prevent clothes getting lost/mixed up. Thank you! Just a quick reminder that jewellery should not be worn in school for safety reasons - thank you!

Outside play - The children will have access to outside play for many of their sessions so it is important that they bring coats every day. Please put their names in their coats so that there are no mix ups. Thank you.

Reading -Thank you to those who are bringing their book bags into school - we change books every Monday or Tuesday if there has been an inset. We provide children with two books to practise for the week and there will be key words stuck into their yellow reading record. Please practise these with your child and leave a comment in the yellow book to show that the books have been read. Thank you for your support with reading at home - this makes a huge difference to children's confidence! If you have any questions about reading or book bags, please feel free to ask!

Welsh - We will continue to practise daily Welsh with our 'Helpwr Heddiw.' Children play different games in Welsh such as 'Ble Mae Fflac?' and 'Gadair Boeth.' Duolingo is a free app which you can download to practise Welsh - for any level! Cyw is a fantastic website for children with Welsh songs and videos.

Here are some Welsh phrases to practise at home (in red is how to say them phonetically).

Pwy wyt ti? (Poy-oy-tee) Who are you?

Sut wyt ti? (Sit-oy-tee) How are you?

Sut mae tywydd heddiw? (Sit-my-tow-with-heth-ew) What's the weather like today?

Ble rwyt ti'n bywi? (bleh-oy-teen-boo-wa) Where do you live?

Water Bottles

Please can the children bring a named water bottle to school so they can have access to a drink all day. Milk is also provided for children at snack time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  We look forward to another fantastic term!

Thank you for your continued support,

The Rose Class staff