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Rose Class - Miss Murphy - Reception

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Rose Class – Reception

Reception Distance Learning – Rose Class

Happy New Year to you all! We hope you are all doing well. We will upload home learning daily both on here and on the Hwb. Some of our home learning will be challenges set on Purple Mash. If you need any support or have any questions, please contact us on Class Dojo or by emailing the school.

Here is the home learning for Friday 15th January:


English: Today we would like you to practise writing your name. Many of you are quite confident writing your name but it is good to keep practicing this skill! Dont forget to use birdy beak and form your letters correctly. Ensure you have a capital for your name and all other letters are lower case e.g. David not DAVID.

The link below will give you the correct letter formation.


Challenge: Go onto your ‘2dos’ on Purple Mash and find ‘2handwrite.’ Can you practise writing some of your key words online? 

Maths: Number formation – Start by practising forming the numbers 1-5.  You could use sticks & mud, pencil/pens and paper, chalk on concrete etc.  Once you have mastered how to form them, you can move on to the next numbers. Ask your grown up to take a photo of your lovely numbers.


Challenge: Can you practise numbers up to 10? If you are confident try numbers up to 15!

Foundation:  Play ‘Maesglas Has Got Talent!’.  Make a microphone from old kitchen roll tubes and make a certificate for the winner (or have a prize, of course!) and challenge your family to talent competition., You could... 

·         Sing a song 

·         Say/sing a nursery rhyme 

·         Do a magic trick 

·         Dance  

·         Retell a story 

We would love some photos of your competition! 

Here is the home learning for Thursday 14th January:

English: Today we would like you to play ‘Show and Tell’.  Each member of your family must find their favourite object (toy, book, teddy etc) and take it in turns to sit on a chair and talk about it.  Ask you grown up to go first to demonstrate.  You could tell your family... 

·         Why you like it 

·         How it makes you feel 

·         Some facts about it 

·         Where it lives when you are in school 

Remember to use a big, clear voice and talk in full sentences.   

Challenge – what can you remember about someone else's favourite toy?  


Maths: Counting 1:1 and number recognition. Today, have a go at matching the gingerbread Man’s buttons to the correct number.  Begin with the lowest level and work your way up! 


Foundation: Can you make a boat that floats in order to get the Gingerbread Man across the river?  Here are a few ideas and links. 

         Or use could use twigs, small cardboard boxes, fold paper into a boat etc

Here is the home learning for Wednesday 13th January:

English: Today you are going to pretend to be a teacher!  Sit on a chair in front of your family and tell them the story of The Gingerbread Man. Make sure you use a big voice and speak clearly. (Don’t forget to remind your family of the golden rules when sitting on the carpet  good sitting, good listening, good looking, only one person speaking at a time and good waiting!) 

Challenge: Can you draw a story map to help you retell the story and remember what goes next? Don’t forget to send us a photo on hwb or class dojo! 

Maths: Shape Patterns – Today, we would like you to complete some shape patterns using a great game.  Use the link below to take you straight to the game.  When you are confident, move onto level 2 then 3, but watch out...it gets trickier! 



Challenge – Can you make a pattern of your own? Then tell your grown up what comes next!


Foundation: Let’s get active! Inspired by the gingerbread man story, we are going to exercise using the ‘I’m gonna catch you’ song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3KJMCrhdZM Copy the children on screen as best as you can!

Challenge: Can you tell your grown up how you feel after completing the exercise? Has it put you in a good mood? Talk about why it is important to stay active! 

Listen to the music that goes with this Gingerbread Man story.  The music is slow at the beginning but look out, something happens to the music as the Gingerbread man runs away from everyone.  Can you pretend to be the Gingerbread man and run (on the spot) away from everyone?  Watch out though, the music gets faster and faster, so don't forget to keep breathing!      

Slow down if you need to!

Challenge: Can you tell your grown up how you feel after completing the exercise? Has it put you in a good mood? Talk about why it is important to stay active! 

Here is the home learning for Tuesday 12th January:

English: Listen to the story of the Gingerbread Man again using this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoQyyB5xvLk&t=165s 

Then draw your favourite part of the story.  Can you pretend that you are the Gingerbread man and write I am the gingerbread man.’ Dont forget to be a Resourceful Rosie and use the sound mat below to Fred/sound out some of the words. Can you remember how to write the key words I and the? If not scroll down the page to find the Reception high frequency words.

Challenge  Tell your grown up why it is your favourite part.  Dont forget to speak clearly and in full sentences. You could even have a go at writing why it is your favourite part e.g. it is funny.

Maths: Shape – Today, have a little go at the shape sorting game. Follow the link below to begin sorting! 


Challenge – Can you find 2 things in your house that match each shape? 

Foundation: Can you design your own gingerbread house? Draw a picture or create it on Purple Mash using 2paint. 

OR you could even make some yummy gingerbread biscuits with your grown up!

Challenge – How many biscuits did you make?  How many gingerbread man buttons altogether? 

Here is the home learning for Monday 11th January:

English:  Begin by listening to the story of The Gingerbread Man.  You can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoQyyB5xvLk  


After watching the story together, discuss these questions with your child.  Dont forget to speak clearly and use full sentences.   

1) What is the title of the book?  

2) What happened in the story? 

3) What was your favourite part of the story? 

4) Can you remember what happened at the end of the story? 

Challenge:  Can you retell the story to your grown up? 


Maths: Visit the following link to play the Gingerbread counting game. It’s all about counting the buttons on the gingerbread man accurately. Try numbers 1-5 first and when you feel confident, try numbers 1-10. 


Challenge  Go on a number hunt!  Where can you find numbers in your house?  What numbers did you find?  Write them down!


Foundation: Draw a picture/or collage/or make a 3D model of the Gingerbread Man from the story.

Challenge - Look in your Purple Mash 2dos to complete a Gingerbread Man online!


Here are the Reception key words 

Here are the key words we practise in Reception. Words can be practised at home in different ways - you could ask children to practise reading or writing them. You can create a lotto game with the words if you printed them out etc. You could make it into a game e.g. by saying - when you see mum you have to shout ‘got ya!’ 


















































As your are aware, we have been learning 'sounds', how to read and how to write simple words.  We use a scheme called Read Write Inc (RWI)  and we have put together a list of very helpful links to short videos for you and your child to watch together and then practise together. These are designed to help you to support your child during these unusual times.  The children love this scheme and would benefit from watching them together with you, to support what they have been learning in school.  They are not designed to be watched all at once, they are for you to dip in and out of at your leisure.  Just 10 mins at a time, once or twice a day is enough to keep the sounds 'on the boil'. Begin with 'How to say the sounds' -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkXcabDUg7Q

YouTube Video

(Remember, not all children have learned all the sounds yet, but that doesn't stop them from sounding out simple words using the sounds they do know.  EG  cat, mum, pin, sad, etc.   THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER, IS TO HAVE FUN.  


How to say the sounds   -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkXcabDUg7Q

Learning to spell & write using 'Fred fingers'   -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNb8J97aBSM

Learning to read 'red' 'tricky' words   -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ILyAA-srW4

Hold a sentence and write a sentence   -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGz6-SAjSNE

Here is a guide of how to get onto your Hwb Teams to find home learning that has been set:

1) Go to www.hwb.gov.uk (you can google hwb login too) and press log in:

2)      Type in your hwb username and hwb password (you can find this on the school letter)

3) Click on the Menu and into Office 365

4) When in Office, you'll see these columns on the left - click Teams (see red arrow)
5) You can use on the Web or on the app

6) Then you should see your class Teams 'Rose 2020' and check your assignments

 Thank you for your support J

Meet the team!

Miss Murphy - Class Teacher

Miss Brown - Teaching Assistant

In the Spring term our topic will be 'All Aboard.' We will be learning about different transport and journeys that we have been on and would like to go on! 

In Maths we will be continuing to practise reading, writing and counting numbers to at least 10. We will continue with simple addition and introduce subtraction within 10. We will be looking at data collection and handling such as pictograms. The children will have opportunities to explore pattern and sort/classify objects. Children will develop an understanding of time in relation to their daily routines. We will revise 2D shapes and investigate some 3D shapes.

In Literacy we will continue enhancing our speaking and listening skills in a variety of ways such as retelling stories using 'Pie Corbett' actions. Children will continue practising correct letter formation and work on the presentation of their writing. We will carry on teaching 'Read Write Inc' to teach children their sounds and reading strategies. We will continue practising high frequency word recognition and encourage children to independently identify sounds by using the strategies of 'Read Write Inc.' Children will write in lots of different formats e.g. letters, recipes, fact books etc.  

P.E Lessons are on Mondays. Please send children into school wearing their P.E kit on Mondays as they can keep it on all day. The children will not need to bring their P.E kit into school in a bag until further notice. A quick reminder that jewellery should not be worn on P.E days for safety reasons. Thank you.

Outside play - The children will have access to outside play for many of their sessions so it is important that they bring coats every day. Please put their names in coats, cardigans, jumpers etc. so there are no mix ups. Thanks!

Home Learning

We will continue to assign weekly home learning for your child on Hwb and Purple Mash. Letters with logins have already been sent but if you need these again, please let us know.

We have created a 'Blended Learning Approach'. This will be to practise work completed in class. We hope you find these activities fun to complete together.

Homework will be assigned on a Friday and should be completed by the following Wednesday.


We have provided each child with a reading record file. Please ensure the reading files are brought back every Friday so that they can be quarantined over the weekend. New books will be added and files will be given back out on a Monday. We have also added key words to be learnt off by heart in their yellow reading record - please tick off or colour the word when your child learns a word and we will update these keywords when needed. We will also add lotto games to be played at home. Thank you so much for all your support with reading with your child - it has been wonderful to see so many children practising at home and we can see a massive improvement in their skills! Any questions or queries about reading, please feel free to ask.


Children can order a school dinner with their class teacher or alternatively bring their own packed lunch from home. You can pay for school dinners online via Parent Pay. Any issues with Parent Pay, please ring the office on 01633 816047. Please let us know if your child has any dietary requirements or allergies - many thanks! 

Water Bottles and Snack

Please bring a named water bottle to school containing water only as we are a healthy school. If children would like to bring a healthy snack (fruit ideally), please can they keep it in a box or labelled container or bag. If snack could be kept separate from lunch, this would be very helpful – thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  We look forward to another fantastic term where your child will continue to develop and grow.

Many thanks,

The Rose Class staff