The following words are the High Frequency words that are taught in Reception.
Some children may not have retained the correct spelling of these words so alongside the Year 1 High Frequency words we'll continue to revise them with small groups.  
Your support at home is very much appreciated to help the children to learn these words.
We will be sending them home in the front of their reading record book.
Please help your child to learn to read and spell these words.

The following are the first 100 HFW.
If your child is confident with the Reception words then you could move onto these.

Other activities that will help learning your high frequency words - 

Four in a Row
Dictate four words and your child has to write them down. Then mark them together- have they spelt four in a row correctly (four consecutive spellings correct)?

Letter scramble
Write the letters of a given word down randomly- can your child spell the word correctly?
For example: w e e r h
Can you spell where?

Dictate a sentence for your child to spell?

Play Hangman with a spelling from their spelling list

Correct Choice?
Write down the correct spelling and a few other plausible spellings of the word. Can your child see the correct spelling? This helps them in school when they are editing their work and they need to check their spellings in their writing.

Fun spelling games - 

Click on a link to have some fun learning spelling

Hanging Monkeys - http://www.literactive.com/Download/live.asp?swf=story_files/hanging_monkeys_US.swf 

Topmarks Spelling Games - https://www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/5-7-years/words-and-spelling