What we've been doing!

So far this term we have read the book 'Alien love Underpants'.
The children have loved reading this book and were writing extended sentences as to why they like this book using the word 'because' in their sentence. 
They have also been trying to improve their use of describing words in their writing. The children had to pretend that they were aliens who have landed on Earth. They were writing letters back home describing what they could see. They used lots of adjectives to describe what was outside the classroom window.
The children have also been choosing their favourite pair of underpants from the story and again explaining why using the word 'because' in their writing. They are now going to design and make a pair of underpants, choosing the material that they think will be the most appropriate, explaining why that material is the best choice for underpants.
We are busy bees in Class 2 and the new term has only just begun!!!