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Oak Class - Miss C Charles - Year 6

For those of you going to The John Frost School have a look at the Transition Y6 2020 page!

08-06-20 Oak Class Maesglas Home Learning

18-05-20 Oak Class

27-04-20 Oak Class Maesglas Home Learning

20-04-20 Oak Class Maesglas Home Learning

Some pupils have started their home learning work on 'Rainforests' for next week THIS week. Da iawn!!

Thursday 16th April

WALT: write an Haiku poem

The Monkey Wrench 

Prehensile primate 

Swinging through the canopy 

It’s a gripping tale

WALT: write a kenning poem

A worm-eater

A fast-flier

A noisy-singer

A colourful-tweeter

A land-scanner 

A nest-maker

A window-messer

A crop-ruiner

A seed-eater

A creature-stalker

A high-glider

Put these together,

I am a bird!

People scarer 

Body tearer 

Ocean hunter

Limb cruncher 

Fish scoffer 

Bone cougher

Sharp gnasher 

Skull smasher 


WALT: write a poem about the rainforests


Hear Mother Nature’s cry 

As she  watches her animals die.

Hear Mother Nature’s call

As one by one her trees fall.

Hear Mother Nature’s shout

While there’s pollution all about.

Hear Mother Nature’s weep 

As the damage we’re doing runs deep. 

Hear Mother Nature’s cry 

As she is left asking why.

WALT:Create a fact file about a rainforest animal


                                                        The emerald Tree Boa

This is a species of a non-venomous snake whose habitat is in the Amazon rainforest. 

The appearance of an emerald tree boa is a green sort of lime body scales for the belly scales bright yellow.

They have an irregular, zigzag pattern along their back. They also can grow to reach up to 2 metres.They have a pair of long, sharp teeth, pointed backwards.Their heads are relatively large and flat.They feed mostly on small mammals such as rats, bats and possums. Emerald tree boas live in the trees of the Amazon rainforest They can also often be found near rivers or swamps but are not dependent on open water.


Proud of the home learning going on in Dosbarth Oak.

Oak Class Easter Activities 2020

30-03-20 Oak Class Maesglas Home Learning

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Tymor Yr Gwanwyn 2020
Spring Term 7th January-17th January BASIC SKILLS 2 WEEKS Spring Term project launch day Monday 20th January
Wednesday 29th January- Lifesaving skills

This term we will be focusing on the following skills:
Adding and subtracting
Estimating and checking


Making 3D models

Drawing 2D shapes

Fractions, decimals and percentages

Number patterns
Negative numbers

Pie charts




Pupils will be learning coding and modelling


This term we will be embarking on an exciting Science project on Space. We will be launching it with a visit from the fantastic company ‘Astro Cymru’ who will complete activities exploring astronaut training and they will leave us with a challenge of a rocket launch. Aspects covered will include: investigating Mars, discovering how craters are formed, planetary orbits and volcanoes. 



Throughout this term pupils will be completing Eisteddfod activities ready for St. David’s Day. 

Tymor Yr Hydref Autumn Term 2019
Croeso i Dosbarth Oak
Meet the team!!!!
Miss Charles Miss Pettican Mrs Probert

Hello and welcome back for another exciting year in Maesglas Primary School. We are pleased to be given the opportunity to be part of their learning this year. 

As you can appreciate this is an important year for your child as it is their last year in Maesglas Primary School. The final year of Maesglas Primary School will be quite challenging but fun, we have lots of exciting activities planned and some fabulous educational trips to develop our learning further. As part of our transition to high school we will also complete a variety of activities to begin this process. Therefore, we have high expectations of the children and the progress they need to make. 

We will continue to provide you with information about how you can support your child at home and please feel free to come and see us if you have any questions. 

We have P.E lessons twice a week. Monday is our outdoor games lesson and Friday is our indoor lesson. Children will need a white t-shirt and black shorts/joggers plus appropriate outdoor footwear. Please ensure that kit is in school labelled correctly with names. Year 6 will also have other opportunities so kit should always be in school.

We will be starting the term focusing on number. We will be working hard on place value, multiplication and division, addition and rounding. We will also use our data handling skills completing bar charts and line graphs and have lots of opportunities to develop our reasoning and problem solving skills. 


This term we will be embarking on an exciting Science project linked to microbiology which will see some fun experiments being undertaken to support our scientific development. We will be lucky enough to conduct a variety of different experiments that will help us discover the Science behind bacteria and how systems in our body work. One experiment we will undertake will show us which parts of the school are the cleanest and which are the dirtiest, where do you think will be the dirtiest?

Homework Folders

We will continue to send weekly homework home with your child. This will be to consolidate work completed in class, research new topics or work specifically aimed at practising a skill learnt in school. 

Water Bottles

We try to encourage the children to drink plenty during the school day and although we do provide some drinking cups it leads to a greater independence and confidence if the children can take control of their own water. Please can the children bring a named water bottle to school.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  We look forward to working with you, to create a happy and fun environment where your child will continue to develop and grow. Any questions then just pop in and see us.

Thank you for your support

Kind Regards

Miss Charles

Useful Stuff:

Maths Targets

We made Christmas cards and Advent Calendars

DT-We made Anderson Shelters
Crucial Crew Photos

Topic-World in Union
Focus countries: France and Germany

Audrey taught the class French.
Tymor y 
Haf/Summer Term

Welcome to the Summer term!  I hope you are ready for the new term ahead and eager to learn and achieve! We have lots of hard work to do this term and as we are approaching the end of our time at Maesglas Primary School we will also have the opportunity to undertake transition activities with John Frost High School. Here is a summary of some the exciting tasks we have planned for the term ahead.

Over the course of this term we will be focusing on persuasive writing and poetry. We'll also have lots to work on for our end of year show and activities!















02:10 -02:40





Maths Club


















Whole School Assembly




Maths Club






KS2 Teachers Assembly




Maths Club






Responding to marking

PE Outdoor



Maths Club








Singing Assembly




Maths Club





Responding to marking

PE Indoor



We will be starting the term focusing on area and perimeter which will allow us to consolidate our multiplication skills learnt last term. We will be working hard on the four operations of maths, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. We will also be looking at a variety of different shapes in order to rotate, translate and reflect them and using coordinates to solve problems. Alongside all this we will have lots of opportunities to develop our reasoning and problem solving skills.

Our topic for this term will be "I'm a Y6 - Get me out of here!" and we will focus on looking at a contrasting location - namely Botswana. We will also be taking part in transition activities with The John Frost School.

In Science we will be focusing on the topic of ‘Infinity & Beyond’. Our approach to science is very hands on so we have lots of practical experiments planned where we can develop our understanding of the world around us. Here we will learn about; the different types of planets, how craters are formed, how the surface of Mars is formed, how the different planets orbit the sun and what type of protection astronauts need from UV rays when working in space.

We have PE twice weekly so please make sure your child has their kit so that they can participate. We have outdoor PE on a Wednesday afternoon. Friday Afternoon is our Indoor PE session, however we may go outside if the weather is good. This term we will be getting ready for Sports Day and practising striking and fielding games. Please ensure that kit is in school labelled correctly with names. Year 6 will also have other opportunities so kit should always be in school.

Outdoor Games Kit: Tracksuit, white t-shirt and trainers

Indoor PE Kit: Shorts and a white t-shirt

This term the children have been set a number of tasks on MyMaths, rather than one a week, they should work through these at their own pace (there are extras to keep them going) but should have completed 7 tasks by the end of the term. Homework will generally focus on either maths skills that will support class work or a project to support topic work and we all have our own login and password. Please ensure that your child is given time to complete this homework, it will be valuable not only in support of class work but in preparation for High School.

This year we are using Nessy to develop our spelling skills, please encorage your child to use the Nessy website as often as possible. We have our own personalised log in which tracks individual spelling patterns that they need to be practising.

I am always here to help so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have some queries.


Thank you for your support

Kind Regards

Mrs Rowlands

(Previously Miss Bebb)

Pa Glwb