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Bluebell Class - Nursery - Mrs Khan

N Home Learning 08/06/20 & 15/06/20

Nursery Home Learning 01/06/20

Home Learning 18/05/20

Nursery Home Learning 04/05/20 & 11/05/20

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Nursery Home Learning 20.04.20

Croeso i Dosbarth Bluebell

Hello from Bluebell Nursery

Tymor y Gwanwyn / Spring Term 20

Nursery Easter Activities 2020

We are working on providing some home learning opportunities on Purplemash and you will have details on a text message how to access it with your child.

We will be adding ideas here - and some pictures of your work too!

Please make sure that you stay safe.

Mrs Hall

A HUGE HELLO to all parents, grandparents, carers and children belonging to Bluebell Nursery!

I hope you are keeping safe and well together.

As we are all experiencing such unusual times together, I thought I would share a few ideas in order to keep our learning on the boil, keep your children (and you) occupied over the coming weeks as well as spending some wonderful quality time together!  I have compiled a list of possible activities that I hope you will enjoy completing together as a family.  However, I am sure that you have fantastic ideas of your own!

It would be absolutely brilliant if, after completing the activity, you could take a quick photo and email it to Nursery along with a short sentence saying what it is you have had fun doing or making. That way we can share the learning experiences together and I can compile an ‘electronic book’ of our home learning!



REMEMBER … Keep washing your hands regularly!

Sing together!  Not only good for the soul but good for the memory too!

  •      Nursery rhymes
  •      Number songs and rhymes
  •       Action songs … and YES to Baby Shark (I love it and it’s good for gross and fine motor skills too!)

Cook together – fantastic for language, new vocab, maths, personal and social (washing hands) – and you get something yummy at the end!

  • Make a cake / cupcakes
  • Make biscuits
  • Make a sandwich for lunch

Go outside in the garden

  • Make mud pies
  • Do some weeding
  • Plant some seeds – potatoes would be a great idea!
  •   Play football together in the garden
  •  Have a go at hoola-hooping – it really is good fun!
  • Go on a minibeast hunt in the garden and draw what you have found
  • Draw pictures in mud on the patio (it will wash off when it rains – honest!)


  • Counting forwards and backwards

o   See how high you can count as you are putting on your socks, then do it for your shoes.  (Which was the smallest / biggest number?  What does that tell us?)

  •  Count objects using your finger to touch each one in turn as you count – try using silly voices – it’s much more fun!   (Try using a deep voice, squeaky voice, grumpy voice, witch’s voice, sad voice, happy voice etc)

o   The stairs when you climb them

o   The plates and cups on the table when you eat together

o   The number of cushions in your room (your children can place them back nicely as they count them…result!)

o   The number of toes you have altogether (including your brother/sister/mum/dad/nan !!!)

o   When you put your toys away, count them at the same time

Draw / Mark make

  • On paper, in mud, bubbles, shaving foam, salt, glitter, in sugar 
  • Use pens, pencils, fingers, hands, twigs, lolly sticks, straws, spoons (both ends)
  • Write a story together
  • Your child can draw a picture and talk about what they have drawn and you annotate
  •  Practise writing your name
  • Make your own recipe cards after doing some cooking – your child can draw the ingredients needed

Read some lovely books together

  •    Fairytales  – encourage the children to ‘read’ with you, especially when you get to the repetitive language Eg ‘Who has been sitting in my chair…’  etc.
  •    Simple cookery recipes – Encourage the children to find the ingredients in the cupboard as you read them out together!  It’s also good for language, vocab, numbers and measures!  You might find that you have a delicious cake at the end of it too!
  •    Factual book – it is amazing how much language the children can take in at a very young age. (We have been reading a factual book about hatching chickens’ eggs.  Ask your children about it.)
  •   Story books
  •    Comics

The list is endless and your imagination can run wild!!

I can't wait to hear and see what you have been up to daily…so have fun and stay safe!

Mrs Hall

Meet the team!

Mrs Hall

Bluebell Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs O’Neill

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Davies

Teaching Assistant


Our topic this term is ‘All Change Down on the Farm!’ This is a very exciting topic...Just wait and see!

Spring term is a very busy time of year for us in Nursery and as well as the main topic, we will also be covering a variety of mini topics including Valentine's Day, St David's Day, Mother's Day, Seasons and Easter - to name a few! Therefore it is very important that your child attends every day as we cover such a huge amount of learning in such a short space of  time.


PE day is every Tuesday.   On these days the children need to be dressed in their PE kits before they come to nursery.  

There is now a PE uniform which consists of 

  • black/navy shorts

  • white round neck T-shirt

During cold weather, children can wear jogging bottoms to school. 

One of the skills that the children will be learning is to become independent when taking off and putting on their socks and shoes, therefore, it would be very handy if your children could wear suitable velcro or slip on shoes as doing up 24 pairs of laces might take us a little bit of time!  (Thanks!) 

Earrings are not permitted on PE days.

Outdoor Play

The children will have access to outdoor and adventurous play everyday, whatever the weather, therefore, please make sure that the children bring a coat into school everyday now that the cooler weather is fast approaching!  We love to splash about in the puddles so if you have a spare pair of wellies at home, please can you send them into nursery, clearly labelled and in a bag so that they can be left on their pegs.

Fruit Money

A big THANK YOU to all those parents who are already contributing £1 a week towards fruit and cooking ingredients. A tick list will be at the door so please tick off your child’s name next to the appropriate date once you have paid.  

The Nursery have ‘snack time’ everyday and during these sessions the children will have a variety of fruit, toast, vegetables or other healthy treats.  We use this time to develop our social skills, manners and practise using our Welsh phrases and sentence patterns. As the term develops, we will be having ‘cooking’ sessions too!  Your £1 donation a week is very important as we would not be able to offer these activities without your help... so ‘thank you’ in advance!

Thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Hall, Mrs O’Neill and Mrs Davies