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Building Learning Power

Building Learning Power (BLP) at Maesglas Primary School 

BLP enhances and expands the capacity of children to learn. It helps children to develop transferable learning skills and prepares them for a lifetime of learning.

At Maesglas Primary we introduce children to the idea of BLP in Foundation Phase and develop and extend their meta-cognitive understanding of ‘how’ they learn throughout the Foundation Phase and into Key Stage 2. By building up a coherent picture of what it takes to be a good learner our children are able to develop their learning character and habits, as well as their appetite and ability to learn in different ways.

We are much indebted to the research and publications of Professor Guy Claxton, who has informed our approach to BLP.

In our Foundation Phase our children consider their BLP in terms of Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness, Reciprocity and Resilience (the 4 R’s).

In Key Stage 2 our children further develop their learning power as they are introduced to the 17 Learning Muscles. These relate to positive learning attitudes and provide a clear picture of ‘the powerful learner’.

Children make links with their BLP throughout their learning and are encouraged during lessons to consider and record which learning muscles will help them learn best.